The group getting hosed here, though, are the Bengals coaches, who currently do not have contracts and who must decide if they should seek employment elsewhere or if they should wait and see if Lewis gets extended.

But the deals still could come once the draft begins Thursday night.

“Beyond [No.] 10 or 12 in this draft, about 40 guys all look alike,” said former Dallas Cowboys executive Gil Brandt. “And if there’s any possibility that you can move down and pick up an extra choice by moving down and still probably get a player from the same plateau, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t consider doing it.”

Of course, this requires finding a team willing to trade up. That’s the tricky part.

Late Sunday night, as he prepared to retreat to the sanctuary of his dressing room, where several family members were gathered, Pederson proudly broke down Foles’ final touchdown pass — the third-and-goal strike to Jeffery in the back of the end zone on the second play of the fourth quarter.

“He’s now getting into that rhythm,” Pederson said. “That throw he made to Alshon — in the back of the end zone, high, above the facemask — he couldn’t have put that any other place. And that comes from repetition with his guys; that’s Nick repping that route every single day in practice.”

These days, an Eagles’ practice might feature a quarterback and his receivers gelling and a chagrined coach yelling — all part of a dream the Eagles are selling to a growing legion of believers, with only Brady and Belichick left to spoil it.

When the world first got a glimpse of the year 2018, things were supposed to get wild in the NFL coaching circles, with one of the bloodiest Black Mondays in recent years coming down the pipe. Instead we were treated to a totally different situation, as only six jobs opened up over the course of the first 24 hours. jaguars_114