Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is 29 years old, and may already be past his prime.

That’s the word from Albert Breer of, who reports that the Cowboys’ coaches began to see Bryant slip physically in 2015 and now think he just isn’t the same player he was when the Cowboys signed him to a five-year, $70 million contract. That physical decline is measurable, as Bryant has lost inches on his vertical jump.

“Based on last year,” one member of the Cowboys’ staff told Breer, “he does very few things really well.”

Spurrier wouldn’t have to worry about that with the Alliance. Plus, he’d be able to do what he misses most working with quarterbacks while still having plenty of time for his golf game.

Jeff Fisher: Multiple NFL sources have told Sporting News that Fisher believed he had a strong chance to become an NFL head coach again in 2018. The rapid rise of the downtrodden Rams in the first year after his firing didn’t help Fisher’s cause. The Alliance would give him a chance to reinvent himself; a chance that might not be coming in the NFL again unless it comes as an assistant.

He started his career in Minnesota after the Vikings made him a seventh-round pick in 2013. He played 23 games and made 18 tackles in two seasons with the Vikings.

Mauti didn’t make the Saints’ season-opening roster last season but signed October 18 and played 11 games with two starts.

Vander Esch has displayed the type of skill set that would make him attractive to a linebacker corps missing Ryan Shazier, whose NFL career is in question because of last December’s spinal cord injury. Vander Esch enjoyed a brilliant junior season that featured 141 tackles, four sacks and four forced fumbles as a do-it-all weakside linebacker.

Suffice to say, Vander Esch has made a successful transition from playing eight-man football at a high school (Salmon River) that had less than 100 students.

“I feel like we didn’t really have like a specific assignment or anything,” Vander Esch said. “It was just, ‘Go out there and play ball and call the plays and run them.’

“You get to the (FBS) level though — the 11-man side of it — and it totally changes.”texans_043