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Tile Mural Special Services

We provide a set of services to make your experience outstanding. Some of the services we provide are:

Order Expediting
Expedited processing/shipping of your order.
We can "Expedite" your order. Our Normal delivery time is your mural will be ready to leave our production facility in approximately 15 Business Days after the order has been submitted and payments completed, and we ship via a 'ground service' delivery. You can select to Expedite your order for an additional fee.

How does this help you?
Let us know you desire this service at the time you finalize your order with us, and we will make this happen for you.

Custom Image Changes
Custom additions/modification to images.
We can modify the artist images to change minor elements of the image (i.e. color change to a flower, removing one or more elements, adding your name to a bottle of wine or a sign over a café etc...) ADDING “objects” to the image is very difficult and we really don’t approve of changing the artists artwork that much. If necessary, we can also crop an image to have it fit better in the space you have available. Discuss with us your desire and we’ll see if it’s possible. This service is provided at an hourly rate that starts once we begin modifications. Normally, after we know what you would like done, we will quote you an exact fee for that service. An email copy of the changes will be sent for your approval prior to beginning your order.

How does this help you?

Custom Tile Cutting
Custom cutting of tiles to fit unique spaces. Our murals can be created to fit most spaces without cutting. However, if you have a 'unique' space that does require the cutting of tiles, (like a space with a pot filler or arch) we can do that! Please note: *Tiles cannot be cut after we have applied the final protective coating or the integrity of the finish will be compromised. We will cut tiles from each side of the mural (as well as top and bottom if necessary) to maintain the murals uniformity.

How does this help you? Call us, and we will work with you to clarify your requirements and discuss how we can meet your needs.

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Any questions, or to order, call us (888) 904-9769

or write us a question/comment HERE

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