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On Tuesday, Gruden acknowledged his candidacy for the job, and provided a bit of a troll in the process.

That play may not have happened if it weren’t for a conversation Mariota had with a couple of the Titans linebackers in the week leading up to this game. Brian Orakpo and Wesley Woodyard sought out their quarterback and encouraged him to just go out there and make plays as John Glennon detailed in his piece after the game.

It took the Saints 20 years in the NFL to even post a single winning season. They finished 12-3 in 1987, and the Vikings — who barely finished above.500 — marched into New Orleans and handed the Saints a 44-10 beatdown.

That means Moore likely fight Brandon Tate and any rookie receivers added to the team for the fifth, sixth and possibly seventh receiver spots on the 53-man roster.Teams have run effectively recent seasons with a fullback and without.To hold the Vikings’singular weapon, Peterson, to 86 rushing yards and get beat by Christian Ponder throwing and running and by a defense that started the day 18th total defense was hard to swallow.

The problem for Jacksonville is they’ve been capable of giving up big runs this season (although the rush defense got much better after acquiring Marcel Dareus) and Le’Veon Bell is itching for a monster game.

The Steelers can establish the run, throw the ball over the middle and then take some shots down the field to Antonio Brown, who may or may not be healthy. Don’t forget that, despite Ben Roethlisberger throwing five picks during Week 5’s loss to Jacksonville, AB still had 10 catches for 157 yards. The Steelers come out hot, put the Jags defense on its heels and are able to salt away this game in fairly convincing and comfortable fashion. The Jags just don’t have the offensive firepower to keep up. Prediction: Steelers 28, Jaguars 10

We can tell you that the model is loving the Under (45.5) in Jaguars-Patriots. It’s hitting in 61 percent of simulations, and that’s in stark contrast to the general public, who is only backing it 44 percent of the time, even with the hand injury to QB Tom Brady.sabres_009

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Sunday afternoon was not the highest point of Mike Tomlin’s coaching career.

Losing 45-42 to the Jaguars in an AFC divisional round game is bad enough just on the surface, but digging deeper it’s not hard to find multiple instances of the Steelers being outcoached by the Jags and unprepared for certain scenarios. And now some Steelers minority owners are reportedly getting in Art Rooney’s ear about firing Tomlin over the game.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported Tuesday that he’s hearing some of the team’s limited partners intend to lobby owner Art Rooney to fire of Tomlin and to hire a new coach.

The source specifically pointed to those key 47 seconds, noting that the players were moving without any real sense of urgency as the clock was ticking and the Steelers needed two scores, Florio writes.

It truly looked like the Steelers either didn’t know what to do or that they didn’t care, that they were assuming the game was basically over. It was not the best look for a playoff team, especially a playoff team that has not advanced to the Super Bowl since 2010.

Tomlin is just 3-5 in the playoffs since that 2010 run to the Super Bowl in Dallas (a loss to the Packers), but it’s hard to argue with his consistent success. He’s won 11, 10, 11 and 13 games the last four years.

Playing against a Giants defense that still featured several first-string players, Kizer finished 8 of 13 for 74 yards, while also racking up 35 yards on the ground. If Kizer looks good against the Buccaneers on Saturday, and Osweiler struggles, Hue Jackson is going to have an interesting decision to make when it comes to picking a starter for the season opener.

After the Browns defense forced a rare three-and-out, Giants punter Brad Wing got off an impressive 52-yard punt that looked like it was going to pin the Browns deep in their own territory. Only that didn’t happen, because after Peppers caught the punt, the Giants couldn’t catch him.sabres_1559

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Josh Rosen seemingly would rather land anywhere but Cleveland and isn’t clearly a better prospect than Sam Darnold.

Both are tremendously talented but might need some time before they mature into franchise quarterbacks in the NFL.

In that case, let’s assume the Browns pick Darnold with thoughts of him as their unquestioned starter by 2019. If the Giants pass on Rosen at No. 2, he could sink a little … and wind up in Denver with John Elway’s Broncos.

The wild card for me early is the Colts. Do they fortify their offensive line or go with Saquon Barkley? Maybe they would even look into a cornerback like Minkah Fitzpatrick?

Vrabel is a young coach, at just 42 years old, but he is also 11 years older than Rams coach Sean McVay, who became the youngest NFL head coach when Los Angeles hired him last year. Going from a college linebackers coach in 2011 to being an NFL head coach in 2018 is wild, though. That’s a fast move up the ranks.

Teams were trying to lure him away last season to run their defenses, but Vrabel remained. The opportunity to take over the Titans was apparently too much.

3. And that the NFL develop some sort of program to reinvest into the communities in which they serve, where there are high rates of unemployment, high rates of mass incarceration. To re-invest those funds into the community, Green says.

Typically speaking, the noise surrounding an issue like this dies out once the games start being played. But this is not a typical situation: Kap doesn’t have a job, which means with each week that passes and each horrific quarterback performance that we watch unfold, the noise could get louder.

This is hardly the last thing we have heard about concerns over Kaepernick’s employment as the 2017 season nears.

And so we’re going to bring you the reasons a number of these teams decided it was unnecessary to even go to ownership with the possibility of signing Kaepernick, not so much to prove the point I’ve been trying to make, but rather to illustrate why his situation is more complicated than many want to concede.sabres_809

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The only thing that went the Patriots’ way in the first half of Sunday’s AFC Championship game might have been the officiating.

After being shut down on offense for nearly the entire first half, the Patriots finally scored a touchdown late in the second quarter after Tom Brady drove them 85 yards on just six plays. However, the key play on the drive wasn’t anything Brady did, it was a pass interference call that went against Jaguars cornerback A.J. Bouye.

Bonus: the Patriots turned him into an offensive threat! Vrabel was targeted 14 times in his career and caught 10 passes, all for touchdowns. It was wild how teams would know the Pats (and later Chiefs) were throwing the ball to him in the red zone and no one could stop it. Here’s a big old package of highlights set to some terrible music:

The presumption when the Titans fired Mike Mularkey was that they would go out and grab an offensive mind. Vrabel is, quite clearly, not an offensive guy (despite his frequent trips to the end zone as a player). But the Titans have to figure out a way to improve the situation for franchise quarterback Marcus Mariota and to get the most out of Derrick Henry and Corey Davis.

Meanwhile, the NFL’s best defense, by both yardage and points, allowed 456 yards and 31 points to Nick Foles, with another touchdown coming on a pick-six. The Eagles had five separate scoring drives of 60 yards or more. That’s two more than the number of times they punted.

What was even more surprising than the level of dominance exhibited by the Eagles, however, was exactly how it happened. The Vikings did a whole lot of things well during their run to the NFC’s No. 2 seed and in getting to the NFC title game in the first place. And then they did exactly none of those things well with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

Although the Patriots get mentioned a lot when we talk about the Super Bowl, one team that almost never comes up is the Jaguars and there’s a good reason for that. The Jags have never made it to the Super Bowl and this week’s game will mark only the third time in franchise history that they’ve even played in an AFC title game.bears_132-223x223

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