Both are tremendously talented but might need some time before they mature into franchise quarterbacks in the NFL.

In that case, let’s assume the Browns pick Darnold with thoughts of him as their unquestioned starter by 2019. If the Giants pass on Rosen at No. 2, he could sink a little … and wind up in Denver with John Elway’s Broncos.

The wild card for me early is the Colts. Do they fortify their offensive line or go with Saquon Barkley? Maybe they would even look into a cornerback like Minkah Fitzpatrick?

Vrabel is a young coach, at just 42 years old, but he is also 11 years older than Rams coach Sean McVay, who became the youngest NFL head coach when Los Angeles hired him last year. Going from a college linebackers coach in 2011 to being an NFL head coach in 2018 is wild, though. That’s a fast move up the ranks.

Teams were trying to lure him away last season to run their defenses, but Vrabel remained. The opportunity to take over the Titans was apparently too much.

3. And that the NFL develop some sort of program to reinvest into the communities in which they serve, where there are high rates of unemployment, high rates of mass incarceration. To re-invest those funds into the community, Green says.

Typically speaking, the noise surrounding an issue like this dies out once the games start being played. But this is not a typical situation: Kap doesn’t have a job, which means with each week that passes and each horrific quarterback performance that we watch unfold, the noise could get louder.

This is hardly the last thing we have heard about concerns over Kaepernick’s employment as the 2017 season nears.

And so we’re going to bring you the reasons a number of these teams decided it was unnecessary to even go to ownership with the possibility of signing Kaepernick, not so much to prove the point I’ve been trying to make, but rather to illustrate why his situation is more complicated than many want to concede.sabres_809